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LED Motion Sensor Wireless Lights

$17.90 USD

Illuminate any area without the hassle of cords, plugs, or switches with this LED Motion Sensor Wireless Light!

Slick, inconspicuous and blends in with the rest of your light fittings.

The LED light is battery operated and equipped with a motion and light sensor. Its bright, cold white lighting and compact size is ideal for closets, wardrobe, cabinets, hallways, stairs, and car boot.

In Auto mode, the light will auto-on whenever human movement is detected in dark conditions. If no further motion is detected within 20 seconds, the light will auto-off.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 200 reviews
Athena Jones

It burns brightly, I do not know how much batteries will last) Fastening convenient. Quality is good. Thank you

Leopoldo Schimmel

I took it for the aquarium, I thought there was a button on the off in addition to the sensor, but no, it reacts only to movement. For a night lamp or in a closet the most it

Demetris Senger

Goods is compatible with the description. Recommend

Ezra Grimes

Very comfortable lamps. Installed in a deep dark closet. The holder for the lamp is magnetic, attached to the surface on the sticky tape. Accordingly, the lamp is easy to remove, for example, to replace batteries

Carolyn Krajcik

good product. is a good purchase for my stairs illumination.